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Thinking about you guys today! Happy Wedding Day! Hope the weathers great for your special day! Congratulations.
from: Katie Borchardt
9/20/2013 10:23:48 AM
Hi Lauren! I am so looking forward to your wedding tomorrow! I have been reminiscing all week and remembering how cute you were as our flower girl! I know you will make a beautiful bride now that you are all grown up!! See you tomorrow. Hugs!!
from: Angie Huenink
9/19/2013 11:49:11 AM
Only three days to go!! We're so happy for you two. We wish you all the best!!
from: Kevin and Brenda
9/17/2013 9:41:47 AM
4 days away! So so happy for you two! You are wonderful together! Very excited to see you both at your wedding. Lots of love to you. See you then! XO
from: Maggie Beauvais
9/16/2013 4:39:49 PM
ill be there
from: Eric Howard
8/23/2013 10:16:12 PM
I am so happy for the two of you!

I am not sure I can make the ceremony :(, but I won't miss the party afterwards!
I remember the day Lauren told me what Chad made for her! I knew he was the one for Lauren after that!
Love you my friend!
from: Terrie Grove
8/21/2013 9:47:12 AM
Getting so excited for your big day! Xo
from: ashley jensen
8/6/2013 3:48:59 PM
They forgot to mention one important detail... i helped set these two great people up :) come on... you both know me well enough to know i would have something to say about it!! Can't wait for the big day! Love you both lots!
from: Laura
4/11/2013 4:22:45 PM
Congratulation! We are looking forward to the big day. Chad welcome to the family.
from: David, Tammy, Nathan & Ty Murphy
3/22/2013 4:45:19 PM
Jim and I are sending you our Very Best Wishes and warm cyberhugs (including one for Rossi). In-person hugs in September if not before. Much love. J&J
from: Cousin Jane Roeber
3/21/2013 1:42:46 PM
This is the most wonderful story of your engagement, I loved it. It was and has been such a wonderful relationship between you 2 from the first I met Lauren.Welcome to our family
from: Aunt Jayne Uncle Jack
3/20/2013 10:26:36 AM
congratulating both of u and as for me, I am the very proud mom of Chad and proud of my future daughter ....with all my love
from: Johnna S Jones
3/12/2013 10:55:37 PM
Congratulations from The Knot! All the best for happy planning and a fantastic wedding.
from: Carley and The Knot Team
3/5/2013 12:44:03 PM
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